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Ever since Mini R turned two back in June, he’s become a little monkey in certain areas of his life and one of the things that has bothered me the most has been him taking his arms out of his straps on his harness. The repercussions of this simple action, that he regularly repeats, are not even worth thinking about. Therefore, when I saw a tweet from @StrapStop, I got in contact, thinking it sounded like the answer to our problems! Anything to stop me shouting “Put your arms back in!!!”  asking my son nicely to put his arms back in the straps repeatedly whilst driving.
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Review Of Strap Stop – A Strap That Stops Children From Freeing Their Arms From Their Seat belts ie Pushchair / Highchair Harnesses

Today I am reviewing a product my sister was sent to try out – Strap Stop – an innovative product that is designed specifically to keep children safe in their harness seat, pram, high chair or any other double chested child restraint.

The Strap stop is designed to stop children from being able to move or alter their safety harness. (Strap Stop is not to be used as an alternative to a certified child restraint, it is only to be used as an additional item to assist with securing your child)

My 18 month old nephew is at that age when he has realised he can now free his arms from the harness in his highchair and pushchair but not only that his seat belt too!  If I think back to when my daughter was also at the stage where she started to do that I can remember how worrying it was to think that when I was traveling along she might get her arms free of her seat belt! If your child can free themselves of their seat belt then potentially their harness seat won’t be able to protect them in the case of an accident. It’s a scary thought!

Back when my daughter was little there wasn’t anything available, or at least not that I knew of, that could help me fix the problem of her trying to escape her harness seat. Thankfully there is now Strap Stop!
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