Trade Enquiry

Welcome to Trade Enquires. StrapStop™ is part of Welcome Baby Ltd now and is world’s famous and parents favorite safety brand., available in more than 20 countries in the world and growing.

UK / Ireland Retailers

If you would like to offer range of StrapStop™ to your UK / Ireland customers, please contact our exclusive UK / Ireland distributor BabyPrice (UK Slings Ltd).

Distributor’s Website  VIST HERE

European distributor will be announced soon, meantime all retailers can place their order direct from our website.

International Retailers / Distributor

Join us in making StrapStop™ available to families throughout the world.

If you would like to retail the StrapStop™ range in your store, on your website, become a distributor in your country or have any other innovative commercial proposition we would like to talk to you. Please  Email Us

information and a member of our commercial team will be in contact with you shortly.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to continuing the dialogue.

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